Chroma Morphose No. 8323

Chroma Morphose No. 8323

As soon as you have light, you have color. And colorfulness is an attribute people immediately associate with Cristina’s artwork, and rightfully so. Chroma Morphose is an exploration of color, transparency, and space under the scrutinous watch of the camera. It is about balance, order, and also keen observation.

The series considers elements that are related to not only photography but also sculpture. The creation of new colors and shadows is specific to the medium of photography, but the dimensional rendition of the constructed scenes explores angle, form, and volume, all elements inherent in sculpture. The ephemeral sculptures only exist for a brief moment, for it is the camera that turns them infinite. One does not exist without the other.

There is always the element of play and discovery involved in this series. The perspective choice invites the observer to linger in the image and question what it is they are looking at: “how was this constructed?” The artist’s goal is to encourage the viewer to notice phenomena that were not apparent at first glance. To her, that is the art of seeing with intent.

Authenticity: Artwork is signed and numbered by artist. It ships with a certificate of authenticity.
Frame: Framed, shadow box or plexiglass laminate.
Packaging: Ships in a box.
Delivery: Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments.
Returns: The purchase of photography as produced and shipped by the artist is final sale.
Customs: The buyer assumes responsibility for custom duty charges and other costs associated with importing the goods in the receiving country.

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