Estudio de Luz No. 6880

Estudio de Luz No. 6880

In the series “Estudio de Luz: A Study on Reflection and Transparency”, the over-saturated colors and apparent double-exposures are easily dismissed as digital alterations. Still, these photographs are direct takes on what the camera sees. While placing colored filters in front of the lens, I generate reflections and transparencies that force different angles to converge into a single frame, proposing a more profound act of seeing.

This playful process brings together otherwise-unrelated planes onto which varied levels of existence merge; individuals, surfaces, and moments are bound to collide and interact with each other. To understand the identity of a city we must first take a closer look at human association and the meanings we give to the urban landscape. Modern cities are filled with people yet devoid of human influence; individuals are today more isolated than ever before.

Authenticity: Artwork is signed and numbered by artist. It ships with a certificate of authenticity.
Frame: Unframed.
Packaging: Ships in a tube.
Delivery: Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments.
Returns: The purchase of photography as produced and shipped by the artist is final sale.
Customs: The buyer assumes responsibility for custom duty charges and other costs associated with importing the goods in the receiving country.

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